On a board, your stance is sideways on instead of the usual face forward. The rope is tied at a higher point to the boat allowing for all sorts of freestyle acrobats on water. (Summer Social Snowboarding)

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Slalom Ski

Slalom Skiing is initially taught on two skis. As you master the balance and posture needed you will move on to skiing on one ski. Once confident on one ski you can advance to racing against the clock, in and out of buoys.

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When kneeboarding you are in a kneeling position on a board facing the boat, this can be great fun for anyone. By having a lower center of gravity it is possible to do many fun tricks from rotations to flips.

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Trick Ski

On one or two skis, Trick skiing involves 180 and 360 degree turns, twists, jumps, holding the rope with your toes, skiing backwards, all in quick succession. Freestyle gymnastics on water!

Lessons at Chasewater

Barefoot Ski

Barefoot skiing is one of the most exhilarating forms or waterskiing as the boat speed increases and you are on your bare feet. Beginners usually start by using the training bar on the side of the boat which gives you the initial feeling. Barefoot skiing can also include various surface tricks and jumps with the use of ramps.

Lessons at Chasewater

SKI Racing

Behind faster boats, usually on one ski, in a wrapped position normally a more competitive aspect to waterskiing than a social, but very exhilarating.

Powerboat Racing

This happens in many forms, from mono hull boats for Kids from the age of 9 to, hydroplane boats to catamaran hulls capable of over 140MPH. powerboat racing is a fantastic sport to get involved in or just watch

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